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Illustrated Books






Bayer, Herbert. Electronics: A New Science for a New World. N.p. General Electric Co., 1946. A 32-Page color advertising brochure for Lippe-Detmold in the Teutoburger Forest, designed by H. Bayer, illustrated front and back with photomontages, including a self-portrait of the designer. 8 1/4 x 11" Ref: Cohen p. 376.
Bayer, Herbert. Poster for the Sixtieth-Birthday Exhibition of Kandinsky. Anhaltischer Kunstverein, 1926. This Copy is a facsimile made in the late 1960s, itself now scarce. 33.5 x 24" Printed in black and red on yellow stock. One of Bayer's earliest uses of photography as an integral part of typographical layout, here a bust photo of Kandinsky tipped at an angle and accented by a strong red rectangle defining the left border. Rare. Ref: History of the Poster p. 130
Biro, Mihaly. Humanic, Wien, 1924. Color lithograph. Plakat. 01 Kuntsler Mihaly Biro p. 97 pl 153. 50 1/4 x 38”
Duchamp, Marcel. Galerie Givaudan, Paris, June 8 to September 30, 1967. Poster for the exhibition Editions de se sur Marcel Duchamp, 27 3/8 x18 15/15. One of 400 copies with title and date of exhibition, of a total edition of 500. Schwarz, Catalogue Rainsonne 396.

Intermedia Art Festival. Tokyo, January 1969. Offset. Conceived by de Sugihura and the prestigious artists of "The Map" by Kawada, Barakei, Hosoe and Saint Marco of Narahara.
The Festival was organized by Kosurgi and Chiomi. The participating artists were Junzo, Ishiko, Tukumi Kazekara, Akimichi Takeda, Koichi Tanigawa and Li-Lan and the wonderful work of George Brecht, Dick Higgins, Jackson McLow, Name June Pak, Thomas Schmit, Ben Vautier, Emmet Williams and La Monte Young. It was shown in Tokyo, from January 18-21, 1969.
A wonderful example of a Fluxus poster. 30 3/4 x 30 1/2 Inches.
Ref: Silverman 279; Fluxus-Art into Life, Urawa Art Museum

Kiljan, Gerard. Weldadigheidspostzegels [Charity Stamps], Two-color lithograph, 1931. 19 1/2 x 12 1/2". A History of the Dutch Poster 1890-1960. Dooijes/Brattiga 203.

Schuitema, Paul . Advertisement leaflet voor Berkel: Aanwijzingen voor het onderhoud van de VBP Vleeschen Kaasnijmachine. Ca 1927. 8 pp and a folded leaf with 2 photographs, cover design in red and black by Schuitema. 8 1/4 x 4 3/8" Spencer, 127-125. Typography and design by Schuitema. In the late 1920's Schuitema became adviser to Berkel, for whom he designed advertisements, folders, as well as their stationary, trademark, etc. Fine copy.

Schuitema, Paul (1897-1973). Tentoonstelling/Bki 1931. 23 1⁄2 x 18” Color lithograph. A pioneer in modernistic graphic design, Schuitema also worked as a photographer, filmmaker and furniture designer. After WW1, his first major client was Berkel Scales for whom he designed a complete graphic line. His style had its roots in the philosophy of de Stijl and the precepts of the Bauhaus and Constructivists. Later on, he also did work for Philips and the Dutch Post Office. A teacher at the Royal Academy in the Hague, Schuitema’s virtuosity at photomontage, New Typography, and graphic design tricks, such as overprinting, influenced the next generation of Dutch designers.
This poster, advertising an exhibition of the Federation of Art in Advertising, is typical of his work. Schuitema uses bold, legible sans-serif typography and only two colors to convey his message. The asymmetrical placing of the logo in the background draws even more attention to the words. Schuitema p.26.

Zwart, Piet. Geef Het Boek Van PTT. Photomontage POSTER adverstising the het boek van PTT. Leiden 1938. Extremely rare. Fine condition. 16 1/4 x 11 1/2 inches. To view Piet Zwart Books click here

Zwart, Piet. Netherlands Cable Works Ltd. Calendar designed by P. Zwart printed in red, blue, yellow and, black photomontage illustrations Bound at upper edge, very slightly rubbed. July 1935-June 1936. Extremely rare. To view Piet Zwart Books click here

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