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Illustrated Books






Larinov, Mikhail. Woman Singing. 1913. Lithograph, Proof for Pomada.
Rozanova, Olga. Transrational blog (The Queen of Hearts).1915, Moscow. Red Linocut, on thin wove paper, from Zaumnaya gniga [Transrational boog] by A. Kruchenykh and Alyagrov. [Roman Jakobson]. 7 x 5 1/4" Edition of 140. Ref: The Russian Avant-Garde Book 1910-1934 Museum of Modern Art p.82.
Rozanova, Olga. Experimental Proof of an Illustration in Vzorvel [Explodity] by Alexei Kruchnykh and Velimir Vladimirovich Khlebnikov. St. Petersburg: "Euy", 1913. 4 3/4 x 7" Printed in blue which suggests the gelatinous qualities of hectography, the process the artist employed in Te li le (1913). Edition of 400. Janacek 70.
Vagin, Andre. [Contemporary Collage]. Commissar. Gouache, ink and collage, 1988. 16 1/2 x 11 1/2." Provenance: Gallery Avant-Garde, Berlin. 
Vialov, Alexandrorich Konstantin. Constructivist Composition. Watercolor pencil on paper. 7 3/4 x 5." Ca 1920. Provenance: Galerie Rudolf Kicken, Koln,Rosa Esman Gallery, New York. Boris Kerdimun.Vialov was responsible for designing the sets and the costumes for Kamensky's play, which had its premiere
on February 6, 1924 in Moscow at the Theater of the Revolution. The director was Mikhailovich Bebutrov, a student and colleague of Meierkhold. Art of the Avant-Garde in Russia p.301 pl 261. 
ZDANEVITCH, Kiril. Dukhan, Design for a book cover or title-page for a 41 Degree publication, incorporating self--portrait, signed and dated, 1921. Ink on Buff Paper. 7 x 9 1/2." Provenance: From Constatin Strementov who was the husband of Lila Costakis, then to Johanna Ricards, a well known dealer in Nurnberg.

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