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Illustrated Books






CAHUN, Claude. Facsimile of Le Coeur de Pic. (The Heart of Spades) Librarie Jose Corti, Paris. 1937. 56 pp. Hardback with full red cloth spine and grey cloth spine. 20 b&w photographs. 10 3/8 x 8 1/8" Preface by Paul Eluard; poems by Lise Deharme; photographs by Claude Cahun.

DEPERO, Fortunato. Facsimile of Depero Futurista. Edizione Italiana Diamo Azari. Milan–Paris 1927. Approx. 200 pp. 12 1/2 x 9 1/2”. Printed boards secured by nuts and bolts. Beautiful Facsmilie of a Lavish compendium of Depero’s design experiments covering the years 1913-1927. Reproduced in red and black ink on various colored papers by letterpress. The experiments cover typography, stage design, ballet costumes, paintings, exibition rooms, architecture, Campari advertisements, tapestries and mulitude of other “applied arts”. Depero Futurista is considered one of the Avant-Garde masterpieces in the history of the book object. Fine Copy.

KRULL, Germaine. Facsimile of Métal (Metal). Paris, Librarie des Arts Décoratifs 1928. Edited by A. Calavas; preface by Florent Fels.11 7/8 x 9 1/2" Portfolio of Black Cloth Spine and ties. 64 loose laid b&w plates. New edition of 1000 copies of which this is copy no. 573. Krull worked during the 1920s and her greatest success came with the publication of Métal which was a much more 'modern' view of industrial structures.

LISSITZKY, El. Facsimile of Pro Dva Kvadrata [Of Two Squares]. Dutch translation published as no. 10/11 of De Stijl Hague, 1922. 10 pp. unnumbered. 10 x 8 3/8 Inches. Printed paper covers. Conceived in Vitebsk in 1920 and published two years later in Berlin, this story is dedicated to “all, children” and in a witty and graphic presentation represents the imposition of order and clarity (here represented as the red square) on chaos (the black square). The Reference to the Russian Revolution and the triumph of Bolshevism. The publication of this work in De Stijl is an indication of the International interest in Constructivist Design and, in particular suggests and affinity between Russian Constructivism and Dutch De Stijl
LISSITZKY, El. Facsimile of Had Gaya The only Kid. (Kiev: Kultur Lige, 1919). 11 x 9 3/4" Published by the Getty Research Institute.
LISSITZKY, El & ARP, Hans. Facsimile of Kunstismen. Eugen Rentsch, Erlenback-Zurich, 1925. 12 pp. text + 48 pp. ill. 10 3/8 x 8". 76 photographs of works by numerous 20th century artists. Typography and printed paper covers (over board) designed by Lissitzky. The trilingual (German, French, English) publication briefly describes and eloborately illustrates the major art movements of this century.
MALEVICH, K. Facsimile of Suprematism. 34 Risunka. (Supreatism. 34 Drawings.) Unovis. Vietbsk, 1920. 4 pp. hand-written text printed lithographically and signed by Malevich in the stone + 34 lithographs of Malevich drawings (including fold out) 7 x 8 5/8" Printed paper covers with Suprematist square on the front.
TEIGE, Karel. Abeceda Book Facsimile. Printed in Prague in 1993. Printed by Torst, Praha 1993. There were 1500 copies printed.
VAN DER LECK, Bart. Facsimile of Het Vlas, by H.C. Andersen. Amsterdam: N.V. de Spieghel, [1941. Designed and illustrated in color by B. Van der Leck. 8vo, 10 ff; decorated wrappers designed by the artist. A beautiful copy of the only illustrated book of the DeStijl Movement. Juggling the red, blue and yellow squares of the Dutch modernists, Van der Leck produced and extraordinary volume complete with its own distinctive typography which fully integrates letter with decoration. 11 1/4 x 8 1/2" From Manet to Hockney 109. Cat. Bart Van der Leck, Otterio & Amsterdam 1987, no K8; Cat. Bart van der Leck, Kroller-Muller Museum, Otterlo 1994 p. 107 pl 174.

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